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Exam Title : Oracle WebLogic Server 12c - Advanced Administrator II
Exam ID : 1Z0-134
Exam Duration : 120 minutes
Questions in exam : 80
Passing Score : 61%
Format : Multiple Choice Questions
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : Oracle Certified Professional - Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Administrator (OCP)
Recommended Practice : 1Z0-134 Online VCE Practice Test

Upgrading WebLogic Server - Identify the correct steps, and related issues, in the process for performing a rolling upgrade, including backup, shutdown, upgrade and restart.
- Describe a "rolling upgrade" and how it differs from other upgrades. Identify upgrade types offically supported for WebLogic rolling upgrades. Identify issues with multiple installation locations and domain locations.
- Describe how to leverage WebLogic Clusters to avoid down time
- Bring down and patch servers individually; Use multiple install/domain folders for cluster members Server Operations - Configure Node Manager to start failed servers. Identify how to manage crash recovery per-domain node manager
- Configure Node Manager to start on system boot
- Describe the Node Manager architecture. Identify Node Manager default behavior. Configure a Java-based Node Manager. Configure the Node Manager to start on system boot under Windows, Linux, and Solaris
- Describe how the Node Manager restarts an administration server and a Managed Server Transport Layer Security - Configure keystores in WLS. Describe keystore concepts.
- Configure WebLogic SSL with the following architectures: WebLogic Proxy Plug-ins, Oracle HTTP server, Hardware Load Balancers.
- Describe SSL concepts as they relate to WLS, including: symmetric encryption and decryption, assymetric encryption and decryption, digital certificates, certificate authorities, SSL communicaiton and one-way and two-way SSL handshakes.
- Use the keytool utility for managing keys and certificates Application Work Managers - Create and use work managers - Apply an understanding of WebLogic Request Handling concepts: WebLogic Server Threads, Monitoring a Server Thread Pool, Monitoring Server Threads, Stuck Thread Handling, Configuring Stuck Thread Handling, Application Stuck Thread Handling
- Explain Work Manager Concepts, including: Work Managers, Work Manager Scope, Work Manager Architecture
- Apply an understanding of the following concepts to create a Work Manager:
- Request Classes, Creating a Work Manager, Creating a Request Class, Constraints, Creating a Constraint, Work Manager WLST Example, Work Managers and Stuck Threads, Assigning Work Managers to Applications Security Realm - Define users, groups, policies, and roles for an embedded LDAP server
- Configure auditing, role mapping, and credential mapping, including: trial Auditing Output, Security Audit Events, WebLogic Auditing Architecture, Custom Versus Default Auditing Provider, Creating and configuring the Default Auditing Provider, Configuration Auditing
- Apply an understanding of key concepts and techniques about the embedded LDAP Authentication System, including: Users and Groups, Group Membership, Roles, and Policies, Configuring New Users and groups; nd group memberships, Configuring New Roles, Configuring Role Mapping, Configuring Roles and policies Using WLST, Security Configuration Sources, Configuring Sources Using WLST and weblogic.Deployer, emmbedded LDAP Server, Configuring the Embedded LDAP Server
- Describe troubleshooting of log-in issues
- Configure an audit provider to audit domain configuration changes Diagnostic Framework - Configure WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) to monitor a domain
- Apply the concepts and techniques associated with the WLDF, including: WLDF Architecture, Diagnostic Archives, Configuring Server Diagnostic Archives, Diagnostic Modules, Dynamic Diagnostic Modules, Resource Descriptors, Creating a Diagnostic Module, New WLST Commands for WLDF
- Apply concepts and techniqiues associated with diagnostic images, including capturing a server diagnostic image
- Describe a Harvester and configure a metric collector to capture WebLogic runtime MBean data
- Describe and configure watches and notifications Coherence - Configure and use Coherence*Web for HTTP session persistence; Apply key concepts and techniques for Coherence*Web session replication, types of Session Persistence, Coherence*Web definition and requirements, Coherence*Web and WebLogic Clusters, Coherence*Web Session Failover, Configuring Coherence*Web in WebLogic
- Configure and use managed Coherence servers
- Describe key concepts associated with Oracle Coherence, with particular reference to its use to cluster an applications's objects and data
- Apply key concepts and techniques for Managed Coherence Servers, including: the relation between Coherence and WebLogic Server, WebLogic Managed Coherence ServersOperations, Grid Archive (GAR), Coherence Application Deployment on WebLogic, Coherence Container: Benefits
- Coherence Cluster JMS Persistence, Transactions, and Durability - Compare JMS persistence options
- Configure file or JDBC persistence for JMS
- Explain the use of transactions with JMS
- Configure and monitor JMS transactions
- Manage and monitor durable subscribers Creating and Extending Domains - Create a domain template with the Template Builder
- Create an extension template with the Template Builder
- Create a domain using a template
- Extend a domain with a template
- Recognize template concepts, including: Template contents, template exclusions, and script replacement variables; Recognize concepts associated with extension templates. Describe Fusion Middleware templates. Explain reasons for using custom templates. Apply techniques for correctly using the template builder. Correctly select the Template Domain Source. Use the Custom Extension Template with the Configuration Wizard.
- Execute post-domain creation tasks WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) & JMX - Create, Modify, and monitor a domain with WLST
- Run commands in WLST interactive mode
- Write simple WLST scripts
- Identify how to run WLST scripts
- Program Jython variables, conditionals, loops, I/O commands and exception handling to work with WLST. Identify key WLST concepts, including online and offline modes. Record scripts using the WLST administration console. Use tools such as configToScript, Script recording, and Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse) to help write WLST scripts. Use online and offline WLST commands. Apply Java Managemant eXtension (JMX) concepts as they apply to WLS Mbeans
- Execute common WLST tasks including:
- Connecting to, configuring, and monitoring a Server
- Managing passwords
- Modifying WLST Variables
- Adding a Server to a Cluster
- Creating and monitoring a Data Source
- Creating an LDAP Authentication Provider
- Modifying a Domain Offline
- Deploying an Application Applications and Deployment - Configure a server's staging mode in staged, no stage, and external stage modes. Deploy an application to multiple environments (development, test, production). Explain deployment descriptor Values
- Create and use deployment plans in different environments. Use tools to accelerate deployment plan creation, including the administration console, WLST createPlan option, and weblogic.PlanGenerator Java class. Explain how Java EE deployment descriptors such as appmerge and appc configure Java EE application features.
- Deploy an application as a shared Java EE library with the console, with weblogic. Deployer and with WLST. Apply an understanding of shared Java EE library concepts to deploying an application as a shared library.
- Deploy versioned applications (Production Redeployment)
- Explain key characteristics associated with production redeployment, including how WebLogic maintains the user state, advantages of production redeployment, the production redeployment process, application retirement, distributing versioned applications, administration mode, and roll backs.
- Apply an understanding of redeployment strategies, including In-place, partial redeploy of static files, partial redeploy of Java EE modules, and Production redeployment.
- Apply an understanding of application versioning, including the redeployment process
- Deploying a New Version of an Application
- Distributing and Starting a Versioned Application in Administration Mode
- Transitioning a Versioned Application from Administration Mode to Active
- Rolling Back a Versioned Application to a Previous Version Data Sources - Suspend and resume a data source, Perform operations on your data source, including suspend, force suspend, resume, reset, shrink, stop and start.
- Configure a multi data source, manage members. Apply concepts of Multi Data Sources, including: Multi Data Source Architecture, Comparison of GridLink and Multi Data Sources, Failover Option, Load Balancing Option
- Identify key concepts associated with GridLink Data Source, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle GridLink for RAC
- Identify the role and techniques for Connection Testing when configuring failover Disaster Recovery - Create a backup administration server
- Configure service-level transaction migration
- Describe whole server migration for WLS
- Apply disaster recovery concepts, including: Site Symmetry, Recommended Architecture, General Best Practices
- Address Admin Server backup techniques and concepts, including: Impact of Administration Server Failure, Backing Up a Domain Configuration, Recovery of the Administration Server, Restarting an Administration Server on a New Computer
- Apply the concepts and techniques for service-level migration, including: Service Migration Prerequisites, Service Migration Architecture: Database Leasing.
- Explain Service Migration Architecture: Consensus Leasing, Migratable Target, Policy Options. Configuration Roadmap
- JTA Service Migration: Before Failure and After Failure, Configuring JTA Service Migration, Set Up Automatic JTA Service-Level Migration
- Apply the concepts and techniques for whole server migration, including: Automatic Server Migration Architecture: No Failure, Automatic Server Migration Architecture:Machine Failure Clustering - Describe differences between configured vs dynamic cluster JMS Concepts, Configuration & Monitoring - Discuss the benefits of enterprise messaging. Define terms such as: producer, consumer, and destination. Compare two different messaging models. Explain the JMS commiunication architecture.
- Describe a message-driven EJB
- Discuss WebLogic's JMS administration architecture
- Create and target a JMS server
- Create a JMS module and define subdeployments. Create connection factories. Add a connection factory to a module. Create queues and topics. Configure error destinations. Create destination quotas; configure a JMS server quota.
- Use destination templates; create a destination from a template; configure an existing destination's template
- Monitor basic JMS and MDB statistics, Monitor destinations on a JMS Server, Monitor connections and sessions, Use the Monitoring Dashboard
- Administer JMS including: Inspect in-progress messages, Create test messages, Move messages across destinations, Pause JMS services for maintenance and troubleshooting
- Describe common causes of poor JMS performance, Identify symptoms Identify "quota too low", "quota too high"
- Discuss some best practices with your JMS developers
- Tune quotas, message, paging and flow control
- Tune message-driven EJBs
- Investigate issues by using logs and debug flags
- Use JMS Troubleshooting tools to investigate issues
- Configure JMS logging to investigate issues
- Discuss some common JMS configuration issues
- Describe some common JMS runtime problems
- Describe JMS Security (policies for JMS and JNDI resources)
- Describe JMS Integration
- Describe Message Ordering JMS & Clustering - Target JMS resources to both configured and dynamic clusters
- Discuss the advantages of distributed destinations
- Describe how clients interact with distributed destinations
- Create and target a uniform distributed destination
- Describe how JMS load balancing decisions are made
- Discuss the challenges of making JMS highly available
- Configure the cluster leasing service
- Configure automatic server migration
- Manually migrate a failed server
- Compare service and whole server migration
- Configure and use migratable targets
- Configure automatic service migration
- Manually migrate JMS and related services

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1Z0-134 Server information source

Oracle Server information source

Oracle Server information source :: Article Creator

The lifestyles and career of Oracle’s Larry Ellison, who went from faculty drop-out to jet-surroundings playboy and 7th-richest adult on this planet

Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison. Kim Kulish/Corbis by way of Getty pictures

Lawrence Joseph Ellison became born within the Bronx on August 17, 1944, the son of a single mother named Florence Spellman.

When he was 9 months historical, baby Larry came down with pneumonia, according to Bloomberg. His mom despatched him to Chicago to reside with his aunt and uncle, Lillian and Louis Ellison.

according to vanity fair, Louis, his adoptive father, was a Russian immigrant who took the name “Ellison” in tribute to the region during which he entered the united states: Ellis Island.

Ellison went to excessive college in Chicago’s South side before attending the tuition of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. When his adoptive mother died right through his 2d year at college, Ellison dropped out. He tried faculty once more later on the tuition of Chicago however dropped out once again after just one semester.

In 1966, a 22-12 months-historic Ellison moved to Berkeley, California — close the long run Silicon Valley and already the region the place the tech trade was taking off. He made the go back and forth from Chicago to California in a flashy turquoise Thunderbird that he notion would make an impression in his new life.

Ellison bounced round from job to job, together with stints at businesses like Wells Fargo and the mainframe company Amdahl. along the manner, he discovered computing device and programming skills.

The turning aspect came when Ellison came to work for the electronics company Ampex, which had a contract to construct a database for the CIA codenamed “Oracle.”

In 1977, Ellison and companions Bob Miner and Ed Oates established a new company, application development Laboratories. The business all started with $2,000 of funding, $1,200 of which got here out of Ellison’s personal pocket.

Ellison and company have been inspired by IBM computer scientist Edgar F. Codd’s theories for a so-referred to as relational database — a means for desktop programs to shop and entry assistance, according to Britannica. at the moment, they’re taken for granted, however in the ’70s, they have been a modern theory.

the first version of the Oracle database become edition 2 — there changed into no version 1. In 1979, the enterprise renamed itself Relational software Inc., and in 1982, it formally grew to become Oracle techniques Corp., after its flagship product.

As one of the crucial key drivers of the growing to be laptop business, Oracle grew quickly. In 1986, Oracle had its initial public providing, reporting profits of $fifty five million.

nevertheless, in 1990, Oracle needed to lay off 10% of its workforce, about four hundred people, on account of what Ellison later described as “an incredible business mistake.”

Oracle had allowed its salespeople to e-book future income in the existing quarter, which means all its numbers had been skewed, in keeping with CRN. It resulted in proceedings and crisis with regulators.

It didn’t get the last decade off to a pretty good start. After adjusting for that large error, Oracle became referred to to be near bankruptcy. on the equal time, rivals like Sybase had been eating away at Oracle’s market share.

It took a number of years, but through 1992, Ellison and Oracle managed to appropriate the path with new employees and the standard Oracle7 database.

Ellison is established for his willingness to trash-speak opponents. For a good deal of the ’90s, he and Oracle were locked in a public-members of the family fight with the competitor Informix, which went so far as to vicinity a “Dinosaur Crossing” billboard outside Oracle’s Silicon Valley offices at one element.

but Oracle simply saved steamrolling over the competition. And with Ellison as Oracle’s major shareholder, his tens of millions kept rolling in. He begun to indulge in some high priced movements — together with yacht racing. That’s Ellison on the helm during a 1995 race.

He additionally sponsors the Oracle u . s . crusing group, which gained the the united states’s Cup in 2010.

Ellison even managed to turn a possible loss into a big win. In 1999, Ellison’s protégé, Marc Benioff, left Oracle to work on a new startup referred to as Ellison was an early investor, inserting $2 million into his buddy’s new venture.

When Benioff discovered that Ellison had Oracle engaged on an instantaneous competitor to Salesforce’s product, he tried to drive his mentor to provide up Salesforce’s board. as a substitute, Ellison compelled Benioff to fire him — which means Ellison saved his shares in Salesforce.

on account that Salesforce is now a $250 billion enterprise, Ellison in my view earnings even when his opponents do neatly. It has ended in a love-hate relationship between the two executives that continues to today, with both taking photographs at each different in the press.

basically, Salesforce apart, the dot-com growth of the late ’90s benefited Oracle, too: All of those new dot-com organizations mandatory databases, and Oracle become there to sell them.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO in 1997, he asked Ellison to sit down on the board. Ellison stuck around for a long time but felt that he couldn’t commit the time.

With the coffers overflowing, Ellison turned into in a position to lead Oracle via a spending spree once the dot-com growth became over and costs had been low.

In 2004, as an instance, Oracle snapped up the HR software issuer PeopleSoft for $10.three billion.

And in 2010, Oracle purchased solar Microsystems, a server company that started at about the identical time as Oracle, in 1982. That acquisition gave Oracle loads of key know-how, including manage over the widely wide-spread MySQL database.

starting within the 2010s, Ellison all started to take greater of a again seat, handing extra obligations to trusted lieutenants, like Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, then Oracle’s co-presidents.

In 2014, Ellison officially stepped down as Oracle CEO, handing manage over to Hurd and Catz, who grew to become co-CEOs. Ellison now serves because the enterprise’s chairman and chief technology officer. Following Hurd’s demise in 2019, Catz grew to become the only CEO.

In 2016, Ellison scored a private coup: the purchase of NetSuite.

lower back in 1998, Ellison had made a $one hundred twenty five million investment in ex-Oracle exec Evan Goldberg’s startup enterprise-administration application enterprise, NetSuite. It ended up figuring out neatly for Ellison when NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson negotiated the sale of the business to Oracle for $9.3 billion, netting Ellison a groovy $three.5 billion in money for his stake.

NetSuite investor T. Rowe price tried to dam the deal, citing Ellison’s battle of hobby, but the sale closed in November 2016.

Ellison didn’t turn into a billionaire until age forty nine. Now, he has a web value of roughly $122 billion, in accordance with Forbes, after racking up $50 billion in gains thanks to Oracle and Tesla stock. That makes him the seventh-richest adult on earth.

He’s used his billions in a lot of methods: he invested in tutorial platform maker Leapfrog firms …

… and was an early investor within the ill-fated blood-testing Theranos, which shut down in 2018 after founder Elizabeth Holmes was accused of fraud.

In December 2018, Ellison joined the board of administrators at Tesla, where he’s been an immense investor. past in 2018, Ellison described Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a “shut friend,” and defended him from critics.

Ellison has additionally spent lavishly over the years, so a whole lot so that his accountant, Philip Simon, as soon as requested him to “price range and plan,” in accordance with Bloomberg.

however Ellison’s spending didn’t decelerate. In 2012, he purchased 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

Ellison founded a startup referred to as Sensei in 2016 that does hydroponic farming and owns a well being retreat on Lanai.

He also bought Hawaiian finances airline Island Air in 2014, before selling a controlling interest within the airline two years later after it struggled financially.

Ellison additionally owns the Astor Beechwood Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island …

… and this home in Malibu. Ellison also has homes in Woodside, California, and Rancho Mirage, California.

In 2009, Ellison bought the Indian Wells tennis tournament for a said $a hundred million.

Ellison is also a philanthropist. In 2010, he signed the Giving Pledge, promising to donate ninety five% of his fortune before he dies. And in may additionally 2016, Ellison donated $200 million to a cancer treatment middle on the college of Southern California.

Ellison has been married and divorced four times. Coupled with his excessive wealth, it’s given him a attractiveness as a global, jet-environment playboy. He most currently dated Nikita Kahn, a model and actress.

Ellison has two toddlers. His daughter, Megan, is an Oscar-nominated film producer and the founding father of Annapurna pictures. The company has produced movies like “Zero dark Thirty” and “American Hustle.”

Ellison’s son, David, is also in the movie company. His enterprise, Skydance Media, has produced videos like “Terminator: darkish fate” and flicks within the “Mission: unattainable” franchise.

Ellison became one of the few tech leaders who had a pleasant relationship with former President Donald Trump.

Ellison said publicly that he supported Trump and desires him to do well, and hosted a Trump fundraiser at his Rancho Mirage home in February, notwithstanding he didn't attend. The fundraiser caused an outcry among Oracle personnel, who started a petition asking senior Oracle leadership to rise up to Ellison.

Catz, the CEO of Oracle, additionally had close ties to the Trump administration, having served on Trump’s transition group. 

Ellison and Trump remained shut all the way through Trump’s time in workplace and reportedly spoke on the telephone about feasible coronavirus treatments. Trump additionally supported Oracle’s bid to purchase TikTok, calling Oracle a “notable company.”  

In December 2020, Ellison published that he moved to Lanai full-time.

The announcement got here after Oracle determined to move its headquarters to Austin, Texas, leading Oracle employees to ask Ellison if he deliberate to move to Texas too, he wrote in a company-wide electronic mail.

“The answer isn't any,” Ellison wrote. “I’ve moved to the state of Hawaii and that i’ll be the use of the vigour of Zoom to work from the island of Lanai.”

He signed the email: “Mahalo, Larry.”

Matt Weinberger and Taylor Nicole Rogers contributed to an past version of this story.


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